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BsSystem agricultural sprayers

Do you have an agricultural or industrial business? Are you in Brescia? Are you looking for a responsible, trustworthy producer of parts for your machinery – from agricultural sprayers and ball valves to taps and switches? If so, BsSsystem will not disappoint. We are a competently-staffed [...]

Spare parts for pipe fittings

As any agricultural business owner knows, pipe fittings are vital. We supply numerous types of pipe fittings: 90°, 180°, triple-outlet, reducers, augmenters, etc. Do you have an agricultural business in the province of Brescia? Do you need spare parts for your pipe fittings? Do you want to find [...]

Valves for heating installations

If you have a company or a agricultural business, you will know how important it is always to have spare parts to hand, so that you can replace defective parts as immediately, limiting damage. Every farm business should have a trustworthy supplier of spare parts – heating valves, pipe [...]

Agricultural sprayers of various types

Everybody who deals with agriculture knows that these days agriculture is highly mechanized. The invention of these machines has let a miraculous increase productive capacity of lands and a huge decrease of a fatigue. Some time ago it was necessary to use a huge workforce to advance a country. [...]

The Bssystem brass fittings

Bssystem is a young and dynamic company that deals with the production of spare parts for machinery for industry and agriculture. In its catalogue you can find: brass fittings, irrigation jets, ball-valves, tap bodies, different types of accessories, regulations, flux meters, and many other [...]

The BsSystem fitting production

The industrial production, in general, is something extremely vast and for companies it’s a real enterprise to keep pace with the times and adapt themselves to various market requests. BsSystem is the company situated in Nuvolento that has managed to diversify its activity into two main [...]

The swivel fittings of BsSystem

BsSystem is a young and fast growing company specializing in the production of spare parts for machinery for industry and agriculture. Its catalogue is very extensive. Just look at the products for industry: valves, swivel fittings, flux meters, different accessories, valves for plumbing and [...]

The water sprayers BsSystem 

Summer and heat are here, high temperatures make frequent irrigation of the land in agriculture indispensable. BsSystem offers the innovative water sprays for your property. The water spray is also called a pulverizer due to its characteristic to transform water flow in tiny droplets, [...]

Heating valves houses and offices

In cold months, that now seem fortunately to have passed, the warmth is very appreciated. Just like when the weather is more favourable, a nice hot or warm shower in summer, is one of the moments of relaxation that we enjoy more during the day. We don’t think about it often but the heating [...]

Connectors for hydraulics: essential pipe parts

Connectors are a crucial part of hydraulics. In fact, connectors serve to connect pipes or close any of them at extremity. They come in a variety of types and materials. They may be 90° curve for pipes of different diameters, cross, 45 ° curve, T-shaped etc. Looking for high-quality connectors [...]