Agricultural industry is a fundamental economic activity based on plant cultivation. In contrast to general gathering of products in the wild, agricultural industry modifies natural factors with view to increase the products volume. Therefore, human interference is crucial in terms of pruning, graftage, soil management, cold protection and irrigation in particular. The irrigation includes all methods and techniques aimed at the very enhancement of production through the principal component - water.
For many years Bssystem has been producing agriculture goods essential for watering, spray treatment and treatment of plants with specific products.  Bssystem offers watering facilities, fittings, spherical valves and cocks, water sprayers etc. Our machine units allow producing all the accessories needed for agriculture, such as jets, hoses, spare gaskets etc. Our company is the leader in this field and we guarantee the high quality and reliability of our products.
Trust professionals to get consistent results, trust Bssystem in issues of agricultural equipment, which plays a key role in increasing productivity of agricultural crops and adequate treatment of the same.





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