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The water sprayers BsSystem 

Summer and heat are here, high temperatures make frequent irrigation of the land in agriculture indispensable. BsSystem offers the innovative water sprays for your property.
The water spray is also called a pulverizer due to its characteristic to transform water flow in tiny droplets, permitting, in this way, uniform irrigation without using a large quantity of water, cost savings and environmental friendliness.
BsSystem produces two types of water sprayers: light curved sprayer with 3/8 inch adjustable pattern (of various sizes) and straight spray with 3/8 or 1/4 inch swivel junction with different sizes ceramic nozzles.


If you are looking for a spray and you are in the province of Brescia you have to turn to BsSystem, the queen of accessories for agriculture.
Visit our site to find all other products in our catalogue: ball valves, taps, hose connections, various fittings, jets for irrigation and, of course, water sprays.
Please contact us for any information, to receive free calculations without any obligation to buy or to request some items from sampling or lot production of enormous dimensions. Our machinery permits us to satisfy answers to all your needs.
We are waiting for you to propose our high-quality water sprays


28/12/2010 08:58:00 Atomizers: mist spraying

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