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The swivel fittings of BsSystem

BsSystem is a young and fast growing company specializing in the production of spare parts for machinery for industry and agriculture.
Its catalogue is very extensive. Just look at the products for industry: valves, swivel fittings, flux meters, different accessories, valves for plumbing and heating, regulations, levers, caps, plant sealings, screws, thermometers, rods and so on.
The production of BsSystem fittings is impressive: simple and swivel fittings, straight connectors, 90 ° curve connections, collectors, nipple connections, ring nuts, 3-T connectors, reducers and so on.
If you have a plant, a firm, a company, and you need a partner that produces high-quality replacement parts, contact BsSystem!

Swivel fittings, valves, nipple connections, thermometers, levers, ... Whatever your request, BsSystem will not disappoint you!
BsSystem is a company with a legal address in Nuvolento. If you work in the province of Brescia or near, this company can be really useful for you.
The products for industry are numerous and of a good quality: fittings, spray jets, ball valves, taps and other accessories, caps, nozzles, swivel  fittings hose connectors, heads, filters, ...
Do you need spare parts, from swivel fittings to valves, from taps to the hose connectors? So, try the BsSystem products such as swivel fittings, and you will make sure of the quality of this brescian company!


12/03/2011 07:00:00 Multilayer fittings for pipe coupling

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