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The Bssystem brass fittings

Bssystem is a young and dynamic company that deals with the production of spare parts for machinery for industry and agriculture. In its catalogue you can find: brass fittings, irrigation jets, ball-valves, tap bodies, different types of accessories, regulations, flux meters, and many other things.
Bssystem can offer you high-quality brass fittings of various types that can be used for any machinery.
Among the brass fittings you can find simple connectors, swivel joints, straight connectors, T connectors x female inlet, male connectors.


The fittings (made of brass or other material) are the items used to connect two or more tubes. On sale they are of different types: 90 ° curve, 45 ° curve, knee connector with nozzle, T and 90 ° curve connectors, T and curve connectors, 4-way connectors, bell-shaped and nipple connectors.
Bssystem has its head office in via Soniga, 1, Nuvolento. This company has quickly become a point of reference in the province of Brescia.
If you have an activity that deals with machinery for agriculture or industry, and you are looking for a reliable and safe partner who produces high-quality spare parts, Bssystem is just what you need.  Do you need brass fittings? Or flux meters? Or maybe caps? In any case, come and try Bssystem products!


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