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The BsSystem fitting production

The industrial production, in general, is something extremely vast and for companies it’s a real enterprise to keep pace with the times and adapt themselves to various market requests. BsSystem is the company situated in Nuvolento that has managed to diversify its activity into two main areas - agriculture and industry to satisfy an increased demand in this way. The BsSystem fitting production is among the most important branches.

Starting from the raw materials BsSystem arrives to the end products. This company has earned a prominent place in the fitting production and not only; it offers its customers a wide range of accessories and spare parts. Manifolds, exhaust valves, reducers, sealings, mixers and many others for industry and then sprayers, valves, atomiser jets and many others for agriculture. The fitting production of this company includes copper and brass fittings, swivel, helical, special fittings, fittings for pipes and many other products. In addition, BsSystem will provide you with all spare parts for industrial machinery. Visiting our website you can get a better idea of ​​our fitting production and all our products.


27/06/2011 07:00:00 The swivel fittings of BsSystem

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