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Heating valves houses and offices

In cold months, that now seem fortunately to have passed, the warmth is very appreciated. Just like when the weather is more favourable, a nice hot or warm shower in summer, is one of the moments of relaxation that we enjoy more during the day. We don’t think about it often but the heating system makes heat due to the heating valves. We mean thermic system for the production and distribution of the heat. In civil spheres we speak about the heating of housing and working spaces.

In this case, the heating valves play the main role. Bssystem is the company of Nuovolento in the province of Brescia, which develops products for agriculture and industry and what regards hydraulic systems produces various heating valves.
You can find, for example, water discharge valves for moveable plumbing and heating systems with ¾ outlet eurocono with control of opening and closing of cap.Visit the Bssystem web site to find the full range of heating valves and get a better idea of ​​all other products.


13/05/2011 07:00:00 The water sprayers BsSystem 

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