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Connectors for hydraulics: essential pipe parts

Connectors are a crucial part of hydraulics. In fact, connectors serve to connect pipes or close any of them at extremity.
They come in a variety of types and materials. They may be 90° curve for pipes of different diameters, cross, 45 ° curve, T-shaped etc.
Looking for high-quality connectors for your hydraulics? You run an industrial company in Brescia Province? Looking for a new company producing spare parts for various kinds of machinery?

Then BsSystem is exactly what you need. BsSystem is a young and ambitious company that boasts its highly experienced and proficient personnel. It is located between Paitone and Nuvolento, and specializes in selling components for machinery.
BsSystem product catalogue offers a wide range of products: valves for water discharge, connectors for hydraulics, terminals, caps, aluminum levers, flowmeters, plant sealings,  ...
In fact, this company sells products not only for machinery but for agriculture as well.
Among hydraulic connectors offered by BsSystem you may find brass and steel connectors, Т-shaped (for three pipes), or just for two pipes, curved and direct, female or male caps etc.
You run an industrial company in Brescia and you need hydraulic connectors? Contact BsSystem!


28/02/2011 07:40:00 Forcing valves for hydraulic and solar facilities

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